All About Planning with NUMBERS

Numbers and number stickers are quite possible my favorite way to embellish my planner pages. In honor of some of the new Happy Memory Keeping stickers available online at the mambi shop and at Michaels stores and online, here are some great ways to utilize numbers on your planner pages. 1. Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Special… Continue reading All About Planning with NUMBERS

Saving for Tomorreaux: Geode Necklace

Love trendy necklaces, but don’t want to pay $20+ for them? Me either. You may remember that part of olw goals is to save money. I possess zero jewelry-making skills. I don’t own a single jewelry-making tool. I just know how to put a pendant on a chain. That’s all this is. The extremely simple… Continue reading Saving for Tomorreaux: Geode Necklace

Do-Over: Fitness Happy PlannerĀ® pages

Let’s not focus on why I have so many unused Fitness mini planner pages… #BetterTomorreaux Let’s just talk about how to salvage “wasted” planner pages from 2017. I’d bet money you own at least one 2017 dated planner, and chances are that like any planner babe with good intentions, some of those pages were left… Continue reading Do-Over: Fitness Happy PlannerĀ® pages

one little word 2018

This year, my one little word was “count.” And it put me through the ringer. It was my third year participating (unofficially) in Ali Edwards’ one little word project. I can’t quite articulate whether it’s premonition or self-fulfilling prophecy, but each year, my word has told that year’s truth. 2015: intent 2016: change 2017: count… Continue reading one little word 2018

Santa BaBEE: a mamBEES’ Song for Holiday Planner Gifts

Santa baBEE, slip a PLANNER under the tree for me Been an awful good girl Santa baBEE, and hurry down the chimney tonight Santa baBEE, wrap a SNAP-IN COVER too, light blue I’ll wait up for you, dear Santa baBEE, and hurry down the chimney tonight Think of all the sales I’ve missed Think of… Continue reading Santa BaBEE: a mamBEES’ Song for Holiday Planner Gifts